Pillow Pets Make Bedtime Less Lonely

Chances are your little one has already asked for one…

of the My Pillow Pets.  The commercials are frequently on during children’s programming on television so they know all about them.  If YOU don’t know what these are, let me explain just why your little one would love to have one or more under the Christmas tree.

Pillow-pet panda & lover

panda pillow pet & lover

My Pillow Pets are adorable plush toy that is stuffed animal yet it’s a pillow at the same time.  There are tons of cute animals you can choose, so the kids will have fun playing and cuddling with their new pet. However, the large 18 inch size when opened and super-soft squishiness of the pet makes them a perfect pillow, too.

The unique design of My Pillow Pets is due to a strap attached beneath the body which when loosened, allows the animal to fully spread out and become a usable, super cushy pillow.  The toy is made of snugly-soft chenille fabric and stuffed with cushy, hypoallergenic fiber fill.

When your child plays all day with her Pillow Pet, how do you think she’ll feel when she can now take her buddy, loosen the strap and lie down in bed with it? Often, having their favorite toy in bed can help a child sleep better and go to sleep faster because it helps relieve that niggling fear of what might be under the bed or hiding in the closet.

My Pillow Pets, 6 main

six most loved

There is only one problem with My Pillow Pets – don’t expect to only buy just one.  After all, your child’s new playmate will need company, right?  With My Pillow Pets, there are so many to choose from, that most kids will have a hard time picking just one.  Silly Monkey, Magical Unicorn, Tardy Turtle and Ms Lady Bug are just a few of the almost 20 different animals you’ll find.

My Pillow Pets Collection

Lots of Pillow Pet Choices

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