Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game is Fun for the Whole Family

When the Angry Birds app was first released just before Christmas 2 years ago,

Angry Birds are everywhere

these birds are everywhere

even the developer didn’t realize what a sensation this new and addictive puzzle game would be. The popularity of it, however, took off so much that the app sold over 12 million copies and new versions have been created for other platforms.  Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game now brings the fun to the age 5–9 group, as well as the entire family.

What the creators have done is created a hybrid type of game with skill and action play both involved.  Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game has players attempting to build structures that are shown on picture “mission” cards.  While they do that, their opponent will be trying to knock down the structure and green pigs by using the enclosed slingshot to launch the three Angry Birds at them.

Angry Birds Knock-on-wood playset

Angry Birds Knock-on-wood playset pieces

All the pieces are nice and sturdy, so made to hold up to younger children.  The rules of playing Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game are simple and easy to learn and since the “missions” are pictorial, no reading is necessary.  Although it says for ages 5-9, older kids and parents will have fun and be challenged by some of the structures they need to build.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game is great for teaching young children how to take turns, figure out how to solve problems and also helps build fine motor skills.  At the same time, being able to throw the Angry Birds figures with the slingshot keeps enough action to maintain their interest.

Don’t be surprised if your child sits and plays with this game all by themselves.  With or without the “mission” cards, your child could have hours of fun simply building various improbable structures.  Of course, a large part of the fun from Angry Birds Knock on Wood will always be from making those birds knock the towers down again and tumbling the pigs in the process.

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